Loans for People With Bad Credit

We all find ourselves in a financially tight spot from time to time. Your heater could break down and demand a costly replacement. Your car might need repairs or you may have important bills that you need to pay immediately.

It’s good to be prepared for rainy days, but not all of us have the the savings or cash buffers you need all the time. If you need to deal with an urgent cash need for one reason or another and you have no one to turn to, you can consider taking loans for people with bad credit.

How Do Loans for People with Bad Credit Work?

Loans for people with bad credit work in very the same way with traditional loans. The only difference is that these loans are designed especially for people with bad credit. But lenders of such loans look beyond your credit score. Instead, they put more emphasis on you financial capacity to pay the loan back.

With that said, it is now easier for you to find financial relief in loans for people with bad credit despite your tarnished credit records. You can use the loan for basically any financial need: additional capital for a business, minor home repairs, debt consolidation, vacations, weddings and many more.

Loans for people with bad credit are further appealing because they can provide an instant fix to your financial worries. Lenders have streamlined and easy application process. They also approve applications quickly. And they typically make sure you get the funds you need within the same or by the next business day.

Finding financial fixes has never been easier, especially for people who suffer from bad credit. But you also have to make sure to address the root causes of the problem to prevent similar issues from recurring in the future.


How to Save Money with Fresh Direct by Fully Taking Advantage of Free Deliveries

You order from Fresh Direct at least three times a month. Maybe you do this to avoid going shopping and to help you spend less, because you only get what you need. Maybe you do this because it saves you money on gas because your chores are all done from in front of your computer now. Why would you want to shop or do banking at the store or bank anymore? Yes, there are drawbacks to this because sometimes you get fresh produce that you would not buy yourself in a store. Fresh Direct is always gracious about it though and will credit anything that is legitimate. There are even more hidden savings than you think though.

How do you save money on your Fresh Direct orders by taking advantage of free deliveries of any order above $30 (the minimum order level)? Fresh Direct has regular free delivery. At the time of this writing the company is offering six weeks of free delivery to anyone. You could also take advantage of their Unlimited Fresh Direct Delivery Pass if you order regularly enough. If you feel this is unnecessary, you could still keep an eye out for free delivery schedules.

free direct deliver

When you order you normally pay delivery and a tip for the driver over and above the cost of the order. Every week Fresh Direct offers certain discounts known as President’s Picks that are announced every Wednesday and are valid up to the next Tuesday.

Saving money becomes easy now that you know of both of these. If you use a good amount of the produce on special you can order your president’s picks on Tuesday night before 8pm for a Friday delivery. Using the same principle you need to look at the president’s picks on a Wednesday as well and order those products you will need for the same delivery slot on Friday.

It will still be two separate orders, but will be delivered at the same time by the same driver as they have separate routes and you will often see the same driver for weeks on end. Now you won’t have to spend $10 on two separate tips, you only need to give the driver his regular $5 for one delivery. Not only do you not have your delivery fee, but you also saved the $5 and a majority of your order is also discounted by taking advantage of the president’s picks.

If you decide that you like the free delivery at all times, you can get that unlimited free delivery pass and you will soon see that by ordering your food this way you will always save money.


Creative Wreaths: Save Money and Do it Yourself!

creative save moneyGrowing up, my mother had a new wreath for almost every month. Hanging on the front door, they all looked amazing. I now have my own home and family, and last year I decided that I wanted nice wreaths to compliment my home. I went to craft fairs and bazaars, and I visited several local stores looking for the perfect fall wreath. I found them to be very expensive. Many were over $25 each, and the really pretty ones were even more. So, I decided that I would learn how to make my own fall wreath. Below you will find tips and suggestions for making the perfect wreath for your home.

To start, you will want to decide what kind of wreath you would like to make so that you can begin putting together a shopping list. To determine what kind of wreath you want, I would recommend thinking about the season (time of year) and any upcoming holidays. Think about the color of your home, and the colors of gardens that are nearby. Decide what colors and theme you would like to use for your wreath.

Now, its time to make a shopping list. You will definitely need to purchase a wooden wreath (you can determine the size you would like). You will want ribbons to go around the wreath – I generally chose a thick solid color ribbon and compliment it with one or two thinner ribbons that have patterns which match. Then you need to think about everything else that will go on the wreath. What do you want? I like to use flowers. There are brillant and bold flowers (fake) in the fall, sparkling flowers for the holidays and soft and subtle flowers for the spring and summer. Next, consider the theme that you have chosen and decide what kinds of decorations you would like to include. For example, a great summer wreath can be made with ribbon, flowers, and little wooden pieces such as sunglasses and flipflops. Think about the theme you are going to use and list out a couple of ideas for decoration pieces that you can look for.

If this is your first attempt at making your own wreath, you may need to buy a small glue gun and glue. You can pick up a small glue gun for a couple of dollars at Walmart. While you are at Walmart, you can also pick up your wreath. Walmart has, by far, the cheapest price on wreaths. I also generally buy my flowers at Walmart since I find them to be cheaper there as well.

Sometimes I am lucky and find decorative things and ribbon at Walmart, but usually I go to Michael’s for that. Michael’s has alot of good sales on ribbons – in the front of our store there is always a bin with ribbons for a dollar or two. This is where the majority of my ribbon comes from. Michael’s is filled with decorative ideas – wooden pieces, little figurines, “fru-fru”, holiday items (during the holidays), etc. I like to spend an hour or so just walking through Michael’s looking for even more ideas to add to my wreath.

Once you have gotten everything that you need (glue gun and glue, wreath, ribbon, flowers, decorations, etc.), it’s time to head home to assemble your wreath. Start with the thickest ribbon. Glue the end to the back of the wreath, and then wind it however you like around the wreath. Then, glue the other end to the back of the wreath as well. I like to dab a little glue on the back of the wreath to keep the ribbon in place. Next, do the same (wrapping around the wreath and glueing), making sure to compliment the thicker ribbon. Next, place the flowers where you would like them – I think they look great in the bottom right of the wreath. Glue them into place. Lastly, glue on everything else you have decided to use until you have the perfect wreath. Make to sure watch spacing in order to achieve a good balance in your wreath.

Once the glue on your wreath has dried, it is ready to hang out on your door or porch. When you make your own creative wreath, the big advantages are that you get to chose the exact colors and tailor the wreath to your home and that you are saving money. Most wreaths can be made for anywhere from $8-$12 (higher if you want to add alot of decorations). Now, you are ready to get started on your own wreath project! Have fun and be creative!


How Organizing Your Meals Will Save You Money

meal planning save moneyHave you ever looked in your fridge at the end of the week to find a ton of food that needs to be tossed out? Well it happens to the best of us. For many when you first become a mom and start trying to manage a household it can be very difficult to avoid being wasteful. Remember wasted leftovers leads to wasted money. So if you are living on a strict budget you may find yourself coming up pretty short at the end of the month. If however you can learn to organize your meals you will have a lot less wasted food in the long run. Below are a few ideas to help you get started.

1. Get a calendar and fill it in

Start by getting a calendar and filling it in with recipes that you and your family really enjoy. If you are new to cooking daily or weekly try to avoid experimenting every week. Try to choose recipes that you are familiar with making. This will help you to avoid being wasteful in the long run.

2. Avoid experimenting too much

There is nothing wrong with experimenting once in awhile, but not something that should be done on a weekly basis. Otherwise you may end up with a lot of wasted food. Try keeping your experiments down to once a month. Also try to use foods that are affordable, so that if something goes terribly wrong you wont be wasting much.

3. Cook the right amount

Avoid overcooking when it comes to meals for your family. If you have never really payed any attention in the past to how much your family eats, spend a few days doing so. This way you can make sure that you are not making too much. This can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run, especially if your family tends to forget all about the leftovers.

4. Store leftovers properly

If your leftovers are not stored away properly than you still may end up wasting money. There is really nothing wrong with having left overs. You just need to make sure they are put away so that they can be re-heated and used the next day. Plastic containers and Ziploc storage bags work well as a storage containers for leftovers.

5. Learn to stretch a meal

The final tip and possibly the most important one is to learn to stretch a buck. For example if you are planning on having chicken with rice, throw some beans in as a filler. This will allow you to use less meat, and use an item like beans which happens to be very inexpensive.